CPAP Pillows For Side Sleepers

Have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea? If so, you have probably also been prescribed and outfitted with a CPAP machine for CPAP therapy while you sleep to prevent and treat the adverse affects of your sleep disorder. If you are also a side sleeper, while wearing your CPAP, you probably experience difficulty positioning your pillow so that it doesn’t push your mask around, blocking your exhale port or push the mask painfully into your face while you sleep, that is why you are going to need special CPAP Pillows for Side Sleepers.

Do You Need a Special Pillow with a CPAP Machine?

You can actually sleep better with your CPAP mask when you use a CPAP pillow designed specifically for use with CPAP sleep apnea therapy. There are several important reasons to use a CPAP pillow versus a normal pillow. Chief among these include:

• Notable improvements in your CPAP compliance.
• Reduced pressure on your face from the mask.
• Reduced air leaks from the mask.
• Reduced mask discomfort overall.
• Improvement in your neck’s support and spinal alignment.
• Improvement in your airway alignment.
• Overall better sleep comfort.

The verdict is clear. Sleeping with a CPAP pillow increases the success of your CPAP therapy.

How Should You Sleep Using a CPAP Machine?

It is common knowledge that sleeping on your back can worsen your snoring and sleep apnea. When you sleep in this position, gravity pulls the soft tissues of your tongue and the soft palate down into the throat’s back, causing airway obstruction. Furthermore, if you toss and turn and are physically restless in your sleep, you will create problems with the mask you are wearing.

The best position for sleeping in order to remain compliant with your CPAP therapy needs is to sleep on your side. One method of sleeping well on your side is to use a pillow between your knees to relieve the pressure from your lower back as you sleep. Then swap the standard pillow you have for your head for a special designed CPAP pillow that allows for the mask you have on your face.

If you are a side or stomach sleeper, the “falcon sleeping position” can significantly decrease sleep apnea symptoms when practices by CPAP users. It is also known as the “partial swastika sleeping position” because of your arm positions, which look like a swastika; one arm bent at end with the forearm pointing downward while the other arm, also bent at the elbow, has the forearm bent upward. Place your face on the upper-right edge of the pillow and angle the pillow itself at about 30 degrees, with the left edge of it under the left torso and shoulder. This is the right sleeping position. Reverse your position and movements for the left sleeping position.

When Do You Need a CPAP Pillow?

When you have no problems with mask leaks during the night and feel good in the morning after a night with your CPAP, then you don’t need a CPAP pillow. Unfortunately, many sleep apnea patients do have problems and find that using a CPAP on a standard pillow allows the head to tilt back and produces pain in the jaw joint that mimics an ear ache. Using a contour CPAP compliance pillow that tilts your head forward as well as supporting it and your neck will alleviate this pain while using your CPAP. Side sleepers find that the CPAP pillow doesn’t interfere with the CPAP mask like a standard pillow does. The secret to a great night’s sleep with a CPAP machine is to also use a CPAP pillow for side sleepers as well.

Five Short Reviews of CPAP Pillows for Side Sleepers

1. Contour Products CPAP Max Pillow 2.0 by Contour Products

CPAPMax Pillow 2

This pillow is a unique one with two different sides from which to choose your personal comfort preference. One is done in ventilated memory foam with a 3D mesh cover while the other side is plush fiberfill offering a traditional pillow surface feel. Its internal foam layer provides support and comfort. Because it is charcoal infused, it also neutralizes odors to keep your pillows fresh. It includes a hose tether that allows easy movement throughout the night and its ergonomically designed center is concave for your head’s support. Crescent cutouts for facial and shoulder supports allow for improved positioning and facial support for maximum comfort with CPAP mask. This pillow is listed in the top 20 among contour support pillows on

2. Memory Foam Contour CPAP Pillow by EnduriMed

CPAP Pillow Memory Foam ContourThe design of this memory foam contour pillow reduces nasal and face mask pressure as well as air leaks. It contains two neck and head rests for spine alignment and maximum comfort. This pillow is made for the use of back and side sleepers who are being treated with CPAP, BiPAP or APAP machine therapies. It features two levels of thickness and comfort for sleep airflow support. Whether you sleep on your back , your stomach or your side, this pillow will aide in assuring you rest comfortable and your mask’s air flow is unimpeded.

3. CPAP MAX 2.0 by Comfort Liner

CPAPMax PillowThis specialized pillow is exclusively designed for PAP machine users of all varieties. Its main features include its ability to reduce air leaks and the accompanying noise, to reduce dry eyes caused by the air leaks, and to reduce lines on the face in the morning from creases caused by the air hose and mask straps. The position of the head on this pillow definitely reduces mask shifting and its interference with nighttime breathing. It also greatly minimizes pressure of your face. The pillow has a removable layer for adjusting the pillow’s thickness to your personal comfort level.

4. SleePAP CPAP Pillow

Sleep PAP PillowThis pillow is designed for sleep apnea patients with CPAP and BiPAP machines to help prevent the issues that occur with regular, or standard, pillows. This pillow is designed for stomach and side sleepers so they can comfortably position their masks and tubing. The pillow also helps the patients achieve more effectiveness from their therapy, avoid mask air leakage, and prevent lines, marls and pressure sores on the face from the straps of the mask. The cut outs on the pillow also allow for multiple different sleep positions. CPAP users can sleep on either the right or left side with this pillow. It provides a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

5. CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow by Contour Products

Contour Products CPAP Sleep Aid PillowAccording to one reviewer, who summed up what several said, this pillow accommodates the shape of the CPAP mask comfortably, without blowing air in the face or putting pressure on the sinuses or elsewhere on the face. The neck support provided is a real plus, keeping the spine aligned and comfortable all night. The pillow accommodates the air hose in such a way that air leaks do not occur, even when sleeping on your side. There are no mask lines on the face in the morning either.

The right CPAP pillow for side sleepers can greatly increase the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy. Successful sleep apnea treatment leads to an important improvement in your overall health and well-being.


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