CPAP side effects vs. risks if is not used

CPAP side effects Vs. risks
if is not used

With the ever increasing trend in the cases of sleep apnea, most of the people are prescribed by their doctors to use CPAP machines. But the issue is that people find it hard to motivate themselves to use this machine due to a large number of side effects that they get to hear from other people. If you are also feeling confused whether to use CPAP machine for your sleep apnea then just take a look at this brief comparison between the side effects of CPAP and the risks you will encounter if you don’t use this machine. After going through this comparison, you will definitely find it easier to reach the decision.

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Side effects of CPAP machines

If you have heard that there are various side effects of using CPAP machines then you have heard right. While using CPAP machines, you can encounter the following side effects:

Breathing issues

Yes, even though CPAP machines are created to provide you relief from your breathing issues but they themselves can create certain breathing issues. The problem is that CPAP machine provides air pressure at a constant level so whether you are inhaling or exhaling, it will continuously supply air to your respiratory system. This situation can cause some breathing issues if you have just started using CPAP. You might find it hard to exhale because of the constant air pressure pointed towards your face. Not only will you encounter breathing issues but it will also invoke insomnia in you. Most of the people get comfortable after using the machine for a few times but a small number of the patients are not able to cope with this issue.

Stomach issues

Even though CPAP machines have no direct link with the stomach but they can incur negative effects on the stomach. This happens when the air pressure is high enough to surpass the upper airway and enter the digestive tract. High air pressure can fill your stomach with air so you might experience flatulence or burps after waking up. This entire situation is known as aerophagia. It can be treated if you keep the air pressures low.

Mask Leaks

Air leakage from CPAP masks is a common problem which occurs due to the poor fitting of the mask. This issue cannot only result in sleep disturbance but it can also cause mouth dryness. If you are unable to cope with this issue then decreasing the air pressure might prove helpful or look for a most appropriate CPAP mask for your face and preferences.

Risks of not using a CPAP machine

However, the risks of not using CPAP machine are more fatal than the side effects we have discussed above. If your doctor has prescribed you with a CPAP machine then definitely you must be suffering from sleep apnea.

  • Sleep apnea causes insomnia in most of the people that is the reason that they feel extremely tired and irritated during the day. If your doctor has suggested you to use CPAP then not using it prevent you from enjoying a deep sleep at night. As a result, you will not be able to function properly during the day. Not only will this incur further negative effects on your health but it will also damage your social and personal life.
  • Sleep apnea occurs due to obesity but it is also a fact that it increases the obesity. If you won’t enjoy a nice sleep at night then definitely you won’t be able to exercise or work actively during the next day. This will lead to further increase in your weight.
  • Sleep apnea increases the chances for hypertension hence resulting in severe cardiovascular issues. Not sleeping properly at night will add fuel to your heart issues so chances of you suffering from a cardiac arrest will increase. However, if you use CPAP machine then there will be a significant decrease in the heart-related health issues.

CPAP side effects

At the end, it’s best to take the precautionary measures on time than to cry later. Risks of not using a CPAP definitely outweigh the side effects of using this machine. So if you really want to enjoy a healthy life with sleep apnea then CPAP is the best option for you.

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