Resmed Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask


Searching for the most competent full face CPAP system? ResMed Mirage Quattro Full Face Mask  System is one of the best choices!

The patients that require uninterrupted stability and extraordinary support while breathing at high pressures are mostly prescribed by medical practitioners to use any positive airway pressure device. What most of the people don’t understand that breathing disorders can become the matter of life and death, so not every positive airway pressure device is powerful enough to fulfill the CPAP requirements.

What is Mirage Quattro Full Face System?

Mirage Quattro Full Face System is the high-tech, full-face mask for all those in need to CPAP assistance. Created from high quality material, this full face system adjusts to your facial features in the most flexible way.


  • Adjusts easily according to your facial structure
  • Adapts comfortably to your body profile due to high level flexibility
  • Dual-cushion wall increases the comfort level while wearing this mask
  • Provides strong support to jaw dropping during sleep
  • Feather-light weight
  • Soundless sleeps due to built-in vents
  • Amazingly comfortable first-time fit
  • Easy to save first-time adjustments
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Easy to find the right fit due to wide range of sizes
  • Portable

Why Mirage Quattro is the only full face system you need?

The built-in valve and miniature vent holes present in this mask enable you to continue breathing in a normal way even if the airflow tube of your mask gets blocked for any reason. The mask clings securely to your head with the help of easy to handle lower straps and Upper straps. These straps can be adjusted with the help of headgear clips. Mirage Quattro Full Face System doesn’t seem like a burden on the face as it comes with forehead support pads.

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