VPAP machines vs. CPAP machines


If you are suffering from sleep-related breathing issues then definitely you doctor must have recommended you to go for a CPAP machine or a VPAP machine. Both of the machines are quite helpful in various aspects as both of them are designed to provide you with a peaceful sleep. But the issue is that most of the people get confused about which one is better than the other. Before going for any of them you must keep in mind that CPAP machines are only used for the people suffering from sleep apnea while VPAP machines are a bit different as they can also be used for people suffering from other respiratory or sleep issues.

Don’t know which one is better for you? Here is what you need to know about both of them!

Purpose of a CPAP machine

CPAP machines are basically used by the patients who experience breathing difficulties during sleep such as sleep apnea. These machines are also used by the patients suffering from breathing disorders other than sleep apnea during sleep. These machines are easy to bear as they are quite small in size and provide continuous air pressure to the patients at one specific level.

Purpose of a VPAP machine

VPAP machines are more advanced and smarter than their counterparts. The biggest feature of a VPAP machine is that it tracks the breathing pattern of the patient and then adjusts its functioning according to that breathing pattern. For instance, when a person is inhaling, this machine increases the air pressure but decreases it the moment when that person is exhaling. These technologically advanced machines are also known by the name of bi-level CPAP machines.

So what’s the difference?

The biggest difference between both of these machines is that of the air pressure. CPAP machines just provide air pressure at one constant level while VPAP machines provide air pressure at fluctuating levels. VPAP machines are more advanced so they offer a wide range of operating modes. The modes that are offered by the VPAP machines include timed mode, CPAP mode, and spontaneous mode. Some of the VPAP machines also offer spontaneous/timed mode, On the other hand, CPAP machines offer a limited range of operating modes such as EPR mode or CPAP mode.

There are some other significant differences between both of these machines such as

  • Doctors generally prescribe CPAP machines to a patient suffering from sleep apnea while the patients suffering from congestive heart failure or other respiratory issues in addition to sleep apnea are prescribed VPAP machines.
  • CPAP machines don’t offer ventilation while VPAP machines come with an in-built ventilation option.

Plus Points of VPAP vs CPAP machines

Here is a list of some plus points that are available in VPAP and CPAP machines:

CPAP Machines

  • CPAP machines are usually quiet and easy to use
  • They have great humidity control
  • They are protected from any sort of water damage
  • CPAP machines are usually more affordable

VPAP Machines

  • They are smaller
  • They are quieter
  • They offer advanced options
  • They offer more operating modes
  • Adaptable air pressure
  • Operate Uniquely

Negative points of VPAP and CPAP machines

Although both of the machines are great in supporting respiratory issues but there are also some negative points attached to both of them:

VPAP Machines

  • Data keeps on fluctuating so it’s harder to keep track
  • They are comparatively heavier than the CPAP machines as they are larger in size
  • Fluctuating air pressure proves to be disturbing for some patients

CPAP Machines

  • Some of the patients have complained that their machines turned noisy after sometime
  • Efficiency level is low

So which one is best?

Both of the machines are good in their respective fields. If you need an easy-to-carry machine that provides you support for sleep apnea disorders then CPAP machines are best. But if you require support in any breathing disorder other than sleep apnea then you must go for VPAP machines. Whatever you do, it’s best to seek your doctor’s opinion first so you have the perfect idea that which one will suit you.

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